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Brighton & South East, UK


I offer WordPress websites, WordPress repair and maintenance, WordPress training and e-commerce solutions.

All website’s are mobile and tablet friendly, and give the client the freedom to make their own edits to text and images.

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After working in social-care sector for nearly 20 years, I decided on a complete career change and started teaching myself how to build websites using HTML , CSS and jQuery.

I then gained invaluable real-world experience working with a fast-paced creative agency, 05creative. For about 3 years I was their lead-developer, working with a very wide range of clients. I built many new websites from scratch, adapted existing ones, and learned my way around website hosting environments.

I found myself increasingly working with WordPress, partly due to high client demand for a platform that would afford them a degree of future independence when editing their site content.

Now, as a freelancer, I help small business owners and other freelancers establish and maintain an online presence. 

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My Approach

You can expect a personal, responsive service from me as we work on your website project. I will listen to your project aims and ideas, focusing on your needs so we can create a website that meets your business requirements.

I can also make recommendations on website improvements and  integration with other products such as Mailchimp, Zoho, Shopify, social media and online payment systems like Stripe and Paypal.

The Process

I make a point of developing a good working relationship with my clients, and strive to respond in a timely manner to emails and ensuring you’re keep in the loop throughout the entire process, from initial discussion to final site tweaks and going live.

Here’s a basic outline of how the process works for a full website project:

We begin with one or two discussions via phone/Skype or face to face (if you live within a reasonable travelling distance).

During our meeting we’ll talk about what your specific project requirements are and we can bounce ideas around until we develop a vision of how to progress. Every project is different and tailored to suit the requirements of your business.

How long the build will take can vary enormously depending on the size and complexity of the site. Within a few days after our first meeting, I will give you a quote so you know what to expect, budget wise.

Once the budget is agreed you will need to start gathering your site content and writing copy. Or you may want to mostly use the copy from your old website, if you have one. Either way, it’s a good idea for us to share a Dropbox or Google Drive folder so we can keep the project clear and organised.


I normally design in browser and typically I will use a page builder in WordPress.

Page builder’s are very popular and mean we cut down on time-consuming and very expensive design and development time – creating mockups in photoshop, for example, or writing thousands of lines of custom code. Page builders also mean you will be less likely to need development input in future.

I normally create a page header and footer (which tend to be applied across the entire site) before constructing 2 or 3 basic layout templates for the key site pages (such as homepage, blog post and product page). If all of your content is not yet ready, then these pages will contain dummy images and copy. This will give you a very good indication of how things are going to look and you’ll have the opportunity to feedback to make adjustments to the design.

Once those key pages are signed off, I start the build proper. I almost always find that once your real content is added, some adjustments need to be made to the design and layout. 

Also, as you see your website start to take shape, you will probably decide to remove some bits and add new bits. Please note that opportunities for revisions are necessarily kept to a limit within the agreed budget. Remember though, that once the site is handed over you will be free to edit copy and images in your own time.

It’s time to launch your site! It’s common for clients to feel quite nervous about launch day – particularly if it’s their first website. I do what I can to make the process as smooth and painless as possible – it’s usually just a flick of a switch!

If SEO is something we have planned, then we’ll also ensure the site is setup to keep Google happy, and that it’s connected to Google Analytics so you can start seeing how many visitors are coming to your site.

When we’ve gone live, we’ll want to test the site and deal quickly with any snags – these are unlikely, but it can happen. If you are selling products on your site then we’ll want to take extra care with testing the buying process in its live environment.

As always, I’ll be available for ongoing support, so you’re never without help if you need it.